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Role-Play Rules&Information

Welcome to the Masquerade role-play, set in the amazing world of Vampire:® The Masquerade-Bloodlines the video game by White Wolf Publish, Inc. Let me explain a few out-of-character basics first, then I'll briefly go over the politics and what not of the game.

1. This community allows slash and femslash as well as het. Ergo, joining if you have a problem with any of those would be stupid. Please find another community.

2. Storybook rping format. It's easy, and used by the majority of role-players. Nobody is forcing you to join this community, but if you want to join then make sure you note that this is the style of role-playing we use. Storybook, past-tense and third person.

3. Disclaimers are now required by Livejournal to appear in the profile and journal section of your RP journal. Make sure you have a clear disclaimer in both these places. Your friends only post might be a decent place to stick the disclaimer as well.

4. No suicides, killing off your character or having someone else do it for you. If you are going to drop a character, please come up with different reason they're leaving. If you are going to drop the community please let me know in case things that will be left hanging in the RP need to be taken care of.

5. If a member needs to be removed from the community as the result of broken rules, out of character drama, etc. They will be messaged and informed that they are being removed and why. If you simply go inactive, you will be removed without warning.

6. If you want to pick up a character that someone else has recently dropped, please first make sure they are not permanently held and then contact me and we will discuss it. 99.9% of the time characters will become open once someone else drops them, on rare occasions there may be a reason the character is instead placed on a hold.

7. Character Journals need to be updated at least bi-weekly to prevent the character from being removed due to inactivity. Being active and journaling with one character does not automatically make your others safe. If you don't have time for a character, please don't pick them up. Journals will be scanned every other weekend, and inactive characters will be warned and then removed the following weekend.

8. Being away or invisible while role-playing isn't allowed. If you want to role-play a single storyline with someone, the both of you can start a PSL. You don't need to get involved in a community just to play favorites.

9. This community is based in the world of the Vampire Masquerade. You will not be able to play a human, but you can choose to be a newly turned vampire if you'd like.

10. The community is also a celebrity community. You can join as any singer, actor, model, etc. Fictional characters, Portayed By's, and cartoons will not be accepted. You are also not allowed to sign up as yourself.

11. If you want to take on an additional character, make a note of who you are in your application. I'll just be looking to make sure you are active in the role-play and not causing mountains of OC drama, and then your character will be reviewed and accepted like everyone elses. No character limit so far, but I ask that you pick up one at a time.

12. Time to raise the age-old rule from the dead. No Godmodding. Normally this would go without saying, but due to the nature of the vampires abilities and the clan rivalries, it needed to be said. If you run into a problem with this, either resolve it respectfully with the member or let me know about the issue. There is no need for this to become a huge issue. Use your own judgement, give and take is key to fighting and such. Nobody is allowed to kill eachother anyway, try to have fun with it.

13. To prove you've read the rules, please make sure to paste your entire completed application into the profile of your livejournal after posting it in the application section. This will help to speed up the application process and get you added to the taken characters list, thank you.

14. No MPREG or PREG. Why? Becuase you're all vampires and your reproductive organs shut down when the rest of you died. If you want to play house with your characters, join a community more based around living people and less set in the world of the dead.

15. Out of character drama is lame, and it ruins a good role-play too fast for me to bother tolerating it. Bashing members, bad mouthing storylines or characters, creating webs of craziness and confusion in an attempt to cold shoulder people... It will probably get you kicked out of the community faster than anything else.

The Masquerade
Vampire society is not a lawless group of bloodsuckers. While there are those who believe that the vampires have the right to rise and take over the world of the kine, there's a group called the Camarilla that believe the Kindred must remained hidden from human eyes. Outnumbered by 100,000 to 1, the Camarilla believe they'll be hunted down and destroyed if humans learn about them. To prevent this from happening, the Camarilla created a tradition known as the Masquerade.

Within the Camarilla there are clans: groups of vampires related to each other through the Embrace with unique Disciplines. There are seven clans, each with their own customs and traditions, each with their own ruler though all clans are ultimately ruled over by the Camarilla.

1. Kine&Kindred. Vampires refer to themselves and other vampires as 'Kindred' and will thus be referred to as such from here on out. 'Kine' is the kindred word for human kind.

2. The Embrace. Turning kine into kindred is most popularly known as 'the embrace,' and very rarely referred to as 'the kiss.' It is law within the Camarilla that kindred must consult with their primogen before embracing. The Embrace is performed by a kindred taking the blood of a kine and replacing it with their own. Kindred are instructed to explain their world to the kine and obtain their permission before embracing. Kindred who embrace without obtaining the permission of their primogen and/or the kine in question, will be persecuted by way of execution. The kindred who was forced into the embrace is then left with their rightful clan.
Note; If you are going to have your kindred's sire having embraced them without consent, or without permission from their primogen, you will need to explain that in your summary.

3. Primogen and Clans. There are seven clans within the Camerilla, each ruled by a select powerful kindred from within the clan known as the clan's primogen. The clan of a kindred depends solely on their sire, as the blood from that clan is passed down during the embrace.

4. Sire and Childe. The kindred that sires a kine is known as the new kindred's 'sire,' and the kindred embraced is known as their sire's 'childe.' A kindred might also be referred to as a childe by the primogen of their clan, or by a kindred believing they deserve the respect of the childe.

5. Disciplines. Each clan has select disciplines that are passed through generations, but disciplines are vampiric powers that every kindred possesses. Only the nature of the disciplines vary, not the ability to use them.

6. The Beast Within. The Beast is the primitive and dark instinct within all kindred. Kindred must balance their instincts with what humanity they have left in order to prevent losing themselves to the animalistic nature of the Beast. This is more simple for the clans that try to blend with society and retain their humanity.

7. The Camarilla and their prince. The Camarilla are the sect that rule over an area. The leader of the camarilla in a city is known as the prince, and is ultimately the final ruling over the city. The Camarilla prince will usually hold council with the primogen of the clans for their advice in more serious matters, but the prince has the final say in all matters and retains the backing of the entire Camarilla society. The Camarilla believes in upholding the Masquerade, and bring persecution and occasional execution to all who break Masquerade.

8. Feeding. Kindred survive by feeding off kine blood. Camarilla law enforces that a kindred take only as much as they need. Kindred are expected to daze, feed off and then release their victim; though this does not always happen.

It's a lot to take in, I know, so we're going to leave it with that for now. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will add it to this section for future references. Current members will always be informed through a community post if something is added

Within the Camarilla, there are clans: groups of vampires related to eachother through the Embrace and their unique Disciplines.

Artists and visionaries, the members of the Toreador Clan tend to gravitate toward high society. Due to their affinity for beauty, they have a great connection to the mortal world through arts and entertainment. To the Toreador vampires, mortals are more than prey, they're adoring fans.
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity and Presence.

Ventrue are the nobles of the undead. In the Dark Ages, the Ventrue were culled from kings, queens, knights and conquerors. Now, they are represented by the power brokers and executives of various Fortune 500 companies. Ventrue gather influence and prestige among both mortal and undead society to help them maintain the Masquerade and bolster their positions through favors and support from the other clans. Ventrue are the aristrocracy of the Kindred and they wholeheartedly support the Traditions.
Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude and Presence

The Tremere Clan is the least trusted of the Camarilla clans. Practitioners and creators of the blood magic called Thaumaturgy, the Tremere are enshrouded in mystery and their political structure is based on the acquisition of power.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate and Thaumaturgy

To the rest of their dark brethren, the Brujah are a clan of violent brutes and mindless street thugs; a reputation that is far from accurate in their opinions. They've been known to tangle, but they are a proud clan who fight for change and freedom in life and in death. Never without a cause, Brujahs fight with great passion and put their combat abilities to use whenever they're needed.
Disciplines: Celerity, Potence and Presence

Nomads. Loners. Introverts. These are the traits of the animalistic Gangrel Clan. A lonely existence awaits the childe of this loose-knit clan who spurns the trappings of civilization and prefers to roam the wilds in solitude. These rugged individualists have an uncanny connection with the Beast Within and some even possess shapshifting abilities.
Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude and Protean

A Malkavian sire will pass along more than his blood to his childe-he will pass along his insanity. Every member of this clan is inflicted with madness, which provides them with surprising and somtimes disturbing "insights." A Malkavian's "inner voice" may tell him someone's true intent-but can also be misleading or even completely wrong.
Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation and Obfuscate.

Among all kindred, the Nosferatu are the most hideous to behold. The Embrace twists and deforms their physical apparance, creating abominations to the eyes of men. As a result of their curse, these outcasts have perfected the ability to blend into shadows. With these skills, the Nosferatu are masters of espionage and information gathering. In the eyes of the other other kindred, Nosferatu are simply different. They are unique in their physical features, and perhaps feared by younger kindred, but they are not hideous.
Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate and Potence

Animalism: Animalism allows the Kindred to use the Beast that resides within to contact and manipulate nearby animals. At the Kindred's bidding, these animals act as weapons against the Kindred's enemies.

Auspex: This Discipline allows a vampire to see auras of those nearby. The auras are different colors depending on the mood of the target relative to the auspexing vampire. White means neutral, red means hostile and blue means scared. In addition, supernatural creatures have auras different from normal humans. For exmaple, vampire auras show up as a black smoky cloud.

Celerity: This Discipline allows the Kindred to move at extraordinary speeds. As a vampire moves faster and faster, the world around him or her appears to slow down. With Celerity, a Kindred can close 50 yards within a few seconds and throw some devastating blows before the target can even react.

Dementation: Cursed with insanity, Dementation is the special power of the Malkavians to channel their madness and force it into the minds of those around them-causing episodes of hysterical laughter, hallucination, fits of terror, and violent insanity.

Dominate: With the superior strength of the vampiric mind, Kindred with the power of Dominate can control the minds of weaker kine and even some Kindred.

Fortitude: While being undead automatically gives Vampires a natural toughness, the Discipline of Fortitude increases their ability to withstand blows.

Obfuscate: Obfuscate is the power to make one's physical self disappear, whether this is in teh dark shadows of an alley or under the bright lights of a spotlight. Those who use Obfuscate can hide from anyone.
A vampire can stay invisible indefinitely as long as he or she doesn't move. If a vampire is caught moving, the effect is broken. A vampire cannot Obfuscate while in someone's line of sight.

Potence: Potence is the ability of vampires to increase their strength to unnatural levels. A Kindred with Potence activated can bend stell pipes as if they were rubber.

Presence: A Kindred with the power of Presence can instill dread and cowering fear. Presence can make enemies tremble or even stun them into submission.

Protean: Available only to the Gangrel Clan, the power of protean allows the Kindred to manipulate his or her physical form. While some of the manipulations are quite subtle, other manipluations transform the Gangrel into a bestial form.
Gleam of Red Eyes: Turning the vampire's eyes a glowing reddish color, this gives kindred the unfailing ability to see in any dark.
Feral Claws: Changing hands into claws. If a kine sees the claws.
Hunter of Night: Raising their senses to the peak of their strength, Gangrel in this form are unable to walk upright, their movements, as well as their ability to think, more resembling their bestial form than those of the kindred body.
War Form: A level attainable only by the most powerful of the clan, Kindred are transformed to the warm form of a beast. The bestial form taken by a Gangrel differs with each kindred, bestial forms are most always similiar in some way to their kindred's personality.

Thaumaturgy: Guarded closely by the Tremere, Thaumaturgy is the blood magic that's the basis of their magical arts. The Tremere can manipulate their target's blood for some devastating results. Low levels of blood magic can cause the victims blood to sear painfully, other variations will cause the target to vomit their own blood, and the most serious of attacks causes a targets blood to heat up and explode.

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