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Frank Iero

aidensromance in childeofcain


Name: Name your character goes by.
Known For: This does not in any way effect your character in game. I just need to be able to figure out who they are in real life.
Clan: What clan is your character part of? Definitely feel free to ask more about the one you are interested in.
Live Journal: Character LJ
Screen Name: Character SN
Character Photo: A link to a photo of your character.
Brief History: Anything you would like to add about your character. Maybe where they grew up, maybe not. Perhaps some of their physical quirks. Maybe a run up on the personality. This part of the bio is entirely up to you.
Sample Role-Play: The sample role-play has a 100 word minimum. It must be written for the character you are signing up for, as the vampire. In other words, you'll need a new 100 word starter with your new vampire character. Have fun with it, this typically ends up being used to start your first scene in the community.


Name: Lacey Mosley
Known For: Her chilling singing voice and striking beauty. And her "vegetarianism."
Clan: Malkavian
Live Journal: 9pullthetrigger
Screen Name: xbreathetoday81x
Character Photo:http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/1316Lacey_Mosley.jpg
Brief Character Summary: Lacey became a vampire at a young age. About 20ish. She doesn't really remember now. It's been so long. Plus, the trauma of the changing kind of made her forget. Before she was a vampire, she was a singer in a band that was almost big. Then Lacey became a vampire. Her beauty is devine. She doesn't drink human blood. Just animal blood. She's more sane then most vampires.
Sample Role-Play: Lacey looked at her new home and sighed. This was the third time this year she was moving. She hoped she'd stay a bit longer at this one. She was nervous though. Would they accept her? Would she fit in? Where would she go if she had to leave? This was all she had now. There was no where to go if she wasn't accepted. "Let's go feet." She told herself and she walked on shaky legs, but her spirit was hopeful.
Found At: Random searching for random roleplaying. Like I searched, "vampire roleplay" and this came up. So yeah. :)

February 2008

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